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August 15, 2017
Pharmascience is attending CPhI 2017 in Messe Frankfurt, Germany

Come and visit Pharmascience team to the 28th CPhI Worldwide Conference taking place October 24-26, 2017 at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.

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October 24-26, 2017


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A bit about us

Pharmascience International is a division of Pharmascience, a full-service pharmaceutical firm with strong roots in Canada and a growing global reach. We develop and deliver top-quality products to patients and healthcare professionals in more than 60 countries. We are constantly thinking up fresh and innovative ideas to drive change in our industry and around the world.

Our approach is anything but generic… and when we work together, that makes all the difference!

We’re the first to see possibilities where others don’t, always driven by a passionate, creative and entrepreneurial energy. We put our hearts into everything we do. Our patients and partners around the world count on us because we’re trustworthy, transparent and reliable.

We get things done right. Our global teams behind the scenes and out in the field bring a wealth of expert knowledge and experience to every endeavour.

We walk the talk; we have the underlying strength, dedication and motivation to deliver on our promises.

We are always learning about others and listening to their needs.

Our employees are citizens of the world — well travelled, well rounded and well informed.


Grizzly bears, ice hockey, sub-zero winters...Canada is known for a lot of things. In the world of pharmaceuticals, it is synonymous with reliability, world-class standards, and getting the job done right. At Pharmascience International, our Canadian culture and values drive everything we do. Here at home, we are recognized as the number one customer service company in the industry. Our mission is to share those standards with the rest of the world, to become the best and most trusted brand in the business.


One of the things that really sets us apart in the industry is that we enjoy a global reach and influence while still offering personal, hands-on service. To us, no two relationships are alike. That's why when you work with us, we really take the time to listen and understand your unique needs and goals. Our diverse and dedicated teams around the world bring a people-first approach to everything we do, believing that human relationships are just as important as the bottom line.

Our story

Pharmascience was founded in 1983 in Montreal, Canada, by Morris Goodman and Ted Wise, who started out with a small team of just five employees. Fast-forward to today and we’re one of Canada’s leading pharmaceutical firms with a growing team of 1,500-plus staff, dedicated to developing and delivering a diverse range of top-quality products and services in Canada and around the world. In the early nineties, we started our global division, Pharmascience International, to create new opportunities and unlock our potential in key markets around the world.


  • 1983
    Founded by two Montreal pharmacists
  • 1988
    Acquired drug production facility in Montreal
  • 1990
    Branched out globally with first deals in Hong Kong & Jamaica
  • 1994
    Set up an Eastern European business office in Ukraine
  • 1996
    6% of net revenue reinvested to create research labs in Montreal
  • 1998
    11% of net revenue reinvested in headquarter & operational facility in Montreal
  • 1999
    3% of net revenue invested in building a new distribution centre in headquarter & operational facility in Montreal
  • 2001
    88% of net revenue reinvested in a major expansion project
  • 2003
    Entered Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • 2004
    Initiated co-development partnerships in Western Europe
  • 2005
    Entered Australia
  • 2006
    Opened a representative office in Vietnam
  • 2007
    Entered Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)
  • 2008
    Entered South Africa
  • 2009
    Pendopharm launched as branded division
  • 2010
    Entered Thailand
  • 2011
    Entered Indonesia, Taiwan, Malaysia and Lebanon
  • 2012
    Attained Class A certification in operational excellence; named number 1 in customer service in the Canadian pharmaceutical industry
  • 2012
    Established Pharmascience Korea, in partnership with Kolmar
  • 2014
    Set up of a technical scientific office in Saudi Arabia, aiming to serve the Gulf Cooperation Council Region (GCC)
  • 2014
    Acquisition of FDA-Approved Uman Pharmaceutical to form a new division: Pharmascience Global Injectables (PGI)
  • 2015
    Investment of $55 million to upgrade Pharmascience research, manufacturing and distribution operations and speed growth

Our team

Meet our diverse and talented team, living and working in key markets around the globe to deliver world-class products, services, innovation and expertise. Armed with in-depth industry knowledge and an entrepreneurial spirit, they're the people who drive our business forward and keep the good ideas flowing.

De Luca

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Making products we can be proud of

With more than three decades of experience developing and selling generic medicines worldwide, we bring to the table a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. We have a diverse portfolio of top-quality products, innovative global operations that keep us one step ahead, and dedicated teams developing our business in over 60 regional markets. Some of our main areas of expertise include:


As a privately owned company, we have full control over our R&D pipeline. That means we can shape our production to meet regional needs and trends, and deliver our products to market much faster. We perform rigorous bioequivalence studies to make sure our drugs stand up to the highest possible standards. And all of our products and operations have the seal of approval from Health Canada, one of the strictest regulatory bodies in the industry.


We manufacture and package around 80 percent of our products at our world-class manufacturing facilities in montreal. And no matter where they're made or where the ingredients are sourced, every one of our medicines must be approved by Health Canada as bioequivalent to the original brand-name drug, to ensure safety, efficacy and consistency. By holding ourselves to the highest standards, we can be sure we get the job done right.


Our internal regulatory affairs department works to ensure all our products are approved and delivered to market as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Armed with an in-depth knowledge of industry practices and standards in countries around the globe, they take care of everything from meeting specific partner requirements to expediting product testing. Our goal is to develop and deliver top-quality products, on time and without compromise.

Breaking boundaries to drive our business forward

Business Development

Our global sales and business development teams have the expertise you need and they're ready to put it to work for you. We put our top people on the ground in markets across the globe, to stay on top of the latest trends and developments and to build valuable and lasting connections. Our experienced teams have a game-changing combination of local knowledge and global insight. That's how we're able to constantly innovate and evolve with the market, to drive our business forward and be the best we can be.



We have a diverse portfolio of over
700 products, sold through
our business partners and affiliates.
We have more than 500 Marketing
Authorizations worldwide.
We were named the top Canadian
pharmaceutical company in the
annual Advantage Report in 2012.
We've invested more than CAD$500
million in R&D since inception.

Thinking different is in our DNA

What sets Pharmascience International apart? Why should you partner with us instead of the other guy? Because we do things differently. We don't just think with the left side of our brain, the rational side that allows us to develop and deliver top-tier products and services. We're also driven by the right side of our brain, the emotional side that fuels our human approach, ignites our creativity and innovation, and sparks our ability to find pioneering solutions.

Canadian standards you can trust

As a Canadian company, our clients and partners across the globe expect something more from us, and we make it our number one priority to deliver. True to our Canadian roots, we are authentic, reliable and trustworthy. We develop and deliver to market products and services of the highest quality, approved by one of the strictest regulatory bodies in the industry, Health Canada. We believe in doing things the right way. And when you're looking for a global provider of pharmaceuticals, that's exactly what you want.

you can
count on

We believe it takes a whole lot more than offering world-class products to be successful in this business. We place just as much value on forging solid, lasting relationships. And that's why we've earned a reputation as the number one customer service company in Canada. So how do we do it? By putting experts on the ground in key markets across the globe. By being flexible and adaptable to your unique needs and goals. And by conducting ourselves with integrity, reliability and consistency you can count on.


Because we have experts in key markets across the globe, we can be wherever you are, whenever you need. When you collaborate with us, your challenges are our challenges. Your priorities are our priorities. And your success is our success. In your region, you need products that will put you on the map, keep you a step ahead. And that's where we come in. We deliver top-quality products tailored and ready for the specific and evolving conditions of your market-generic nichebusters that will help boost your sales and bolster your potential.

Giving you everything you need to succeed

Why is Pharmascience International the right fit for you? Because we provide unparalleled 360-degree service, giving you the tools and support you need to succeed in your market. As one of the largest suppliers of generic medicines in Canada, with our own world-class manufacturing facilities and extensive supply and distribution experience, we deliver the drugs you need, when you need them. Drugs that meet the highest possible standards, are competitively priced and reliable. Here's how we do it:



The challenge

Our goal when we started out was to compete and make a name for ourselves in the highly valued and internationally sought-after Canadian market.

The solution

Our game plan was threefold: focus on customer service, develop a more flexible business model than other multinational competitors, and offer a much faster time to market than our counterparts.

The results

We are now the third largest generic pharmaceutical firm in Canada. And in 2012, we were named the top Canadian pharmaceutical company in Advantage Report, an annual survey that takes into account five key performance areas.


The challenge

Our challenge was to establish a presence in South Korea, registering and promoting our products in a market where people tend to be sceptical of generic drugs.

The solution

We responded to the challenge in five key ways: we put a talented team on the ground that embodies our core values. We actively promoted ourselves as a Canadian brand with standards you can trust. We developed an innovative and flexible business model to help us profitably distribute our products. We selected drugs offering a solution-treatment paradigm. And finally, we teamed up with Kolmar, a solid local organization with a great reputation, established relationships and nationwide sales infrastructures.

The results

Since opening our South Korean office in 2012, we have been promoting and building our brand in the market. We've already registered one product, Valacyclovir, and are in the process of registering many more.


The challenge

Breaking into the Hong Kong market is a challenge for most pharmaceutical players since drug orders can be relatively small, and regulatory investment costs often outweigh potential profits.

The solution

In 2004, we teamed up with Hong Kong-based pharmaceutical firm Trenton-BOMA (T-BOMA), which offered us consolidated demand so we could boost our production volume and optimize our supply chain operations.

The results

Since this key collaboration, we have established a successful and profitable business model, helping expand Pharmascience's portfolio at T-BOMA more than tenfold, topping 100 SKUs.


The challenge

In the mid-nineties, legislation made it impossible for European pharmaceutical firms to develop drugs with existing patents. This gave us an invaluable opportunity to carry out R&D, stockpile products, and hit the ground running with a first-to-market approach.

The solution

We partnered with Alfred E. Tiefenbacher (AET) in the early 2000s, developing a B2B model to register products and sub-license to the top generic firms in Western Europe.

The results

Thanks to this key collaboration, Pharmascience benefited from local sales and regulatory affairs know-how, while AET profited from an R&D head start in Canada. Since teaming up, we have signed several co-development deals and launched various molecules.


The challenge

Registering products in South Africa can be a long and inconsistent process. One product could take three years to register while another could take five. This can create major issues when it comes to supply, production, forecasting, and ultimately profitability.

The solution

Through Abex, one of our key partners in local registration and sales expertise, we were introduced to Adcock, which received the first generic approval for Quetiapine and launched the product under license from Abex and Pharmascience.

The results

Pharmascience and Abex are now the joint market share leaders of Quetiapine in South Africa. Looking forward, our goal is to register the product in surrounding regions to push sales further.


The challenge

Our challenge was to break into the Lebanon market, where product margins are high compared to other regions, and where a lot of competing generic brands register and market their products.

The solution

We teamed up with Union Pharmaceutique d'Orient (UPO), a firm that is consumer-driven, marketing-savvy, has remarkable local knowledge, and shares many of our own goals and values in terms of ethical business practices.

The results

Every product we have launched together to date has been a runaway success. Since launching Risperidone in 2011, for example, it has grown at an impressive rate of 10 percent per year.

Join the team

Are you looking to join a fast-growing company, with an innovative and collaborative culture, and real opportunities for growth? Then Pharmascience may be the perfect fit for you. Check out our latest job postings, learn more about how we work, and how we’re committed to helping you reach your full potential. Visit our careers site today and see how you can make your mark.


  • August 15, 2017

    Pharmascience is attending CPhI 2017 in Messe Frankfurt, Germany

    Come and visit Pharmascience team to the 28th CPhI Worldwide Conference taking place October 24-26, 2017 at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.

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  • May 26, 2017

    B2C Summit in Montreal

    Pharmascience International hosted its first ever "Quality You Can Trust" event in Montreal, on April 25th and 26th 2017.

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    The 28th CPhI Worldwide Conference will be taking place October 24-26, 2017 at Messe Frankfurt, Germany.

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Our global mission is to partner with ethical, entrepreneurial partners with local market expertise and presence to create mutually beneficial, strategic alliances. The Pharmascience International team is a culturally diverse, dedicated team of individuals committed to supporting each and every one of our customers fully.


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Looking to the future, we want to collaborate with like-minded partners, to break boundaries in the industry and set a new benchmark for success. When you work with us, we bring to the table Canadian standards you can count on, global reach with a human touch, innovative business models to drive our vision forward, and a creative approach that sets us apart from the crowd. By combining our knowledge and sharing our expertise, we can achieve great things... and with imagination, our possibilities are endless.

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