Professional Services for Pharmacists

  • Medical Equipment

    Every pharmacy has a different clientele and every pharmacist has different screening equipment needs. Pharmascience helps pharmacists decide which type of equipment to purchase for their operations. This service saves both time and money and ensures that every investment in equipment is the right one under the circumstances.

  • Advertising

    Promoting the services of a pharmacy can be tricky. Which approach is the most cost-effective? Which one will bring the best and the fastest results? We, at Pharmascience, are experienced in this area and are more than happy to lend a hand. 

  • Pharmacy Nurse Support

    Many pharmacies see the need for value-added nursing services on their premises. On-site nurses can meet with patients to educate them about their ailments and to answer questions. They can also administer various tests, give injections, even dress wounds and the like, depending on the provincial rules and regulations. Pharmascience can help set up on-site nursing services. Our expertise covers not only helping you organize the physical space, but hiring and training the nurses with respect to the rules and regulations of operating such a service in a pharmacy. We also assist the nurse in integrating into the retail environment.