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We produce innovative, generic drugs in facilities that meet government regulations and the highest industry standards. We have formed research and development (R&D) alliances with pharmaceutical companies and universities in Canada and abroad thus creating productive business relationships that operate on many levels.

Our staff of experienced professionals works through the entire development process, from R&D and drug approval to marketing and sales. This accounts for our reputation as a major industry player, ahead of the curve in terms of the latest drug therapies and the most innovative marketing strategies.

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Product catalogue

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Pharmascience’s global operation department deals with close to 340 families of pharmaceutical products spread over more than 2 000 stock keeping units (SKUs). We use a hybrid manufacturing strategy, with some products produced in-house and others through third parties.

Our flexibility and turnaround times exceed the industry standard. In 2008, to further enhance response time, we implemented a continuous improvement culture using Lean Six Sigma tools to attain our objectives. One of our biggest projects to date to deal with drug shortages was our Operational Excellence initiative started in 2010.

In June 2012, Pharmascience obtained “Class A”  Certification  in Operational Excellence.

The results speak for themselves: in the 2010 fiscal year alone, 2,1 billion tablets, 334 million capsules, and 374,000 liters of liquid medication were produced by Pharmascience.

Our operations are flexible enough to handle large or small quantities, and to switch production lines from one application to the next, without missing a beat. Many of these generic drugs in stock-keeping formats are supplied by no one else.