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Always Open for Business With Interested Partners

At Pharmascience, collaboration and partnership is the key to our success. We rely on our suppliers, development partners, licensors, and customers to help us bring new products to patients across the globe. We are always open to new ideas and opportunities from interested partners.

Paul J. Evans Vice President, Global Business Development & Portfolio

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Contract Development & Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical Products

Pharmascience continuously invests in development and manufacturing capabilities. From formulation to commercial manufacturing, our 250+ well-trained employees are focused on and committed to delivering the highest quality end-to-end, turn-key services. We also offer a flexible & diverse business structure with CMO/CDMO partnerships.

Our team of injectable products experts can support you in the development, tech transfer, and manufacturing of complex injectables in liquid vials and prefilled syringes including nanosuspensions and high potency drug formulations. We continuously invest in our operational facilities and robust quality systems to ensure that we deliver a strong track record of compliance, and that we are always maintaining or exceeding the strict FDA, EMA, and Health Canada requirements for which we are approved.

We also offer development & manufacturing capabilities tailored for low volume tablets and capsules including long acting and high potency (cytotoxic) formulations. An experienced team of experts can support you on the development, tech transfer and manufacture of your product according to your requirements.

For more information regarding opportunities to expand your business, please contact us.


Cannabinoid Products

Pharmascience received its Cannabis Processing License in March 2021. We are leveraging our development and formulation expertise to support product development and manufacturing partners in the Cannabis space. Our capabilities include liquid fill capsules, powder fill capsules, and tablets.

For more information regarding opportunities to expand your business please contact us.

With some of Canada’s finest pharmaceutical development and manufacturing facilities and teams, we are a contract development or manufacturing partner of choice. We have the capacity, expertise, skills and experience to meet your needs. Talk to us about a potential partnership.

Martin Arès Chief Executive Officer

Partnership Opportunities in Canada

Specialty Pharma / Brand Product Distribution

At Pendopharm, our mission to bring innovative products to Canadian patients is the driving force behind our partnering strategy. We offer the flexibility and timely decision-making of a smaller company, while providing the infrastructure and resources of a large pharmaceutical corporation.

Generic Product Out-licensing/ Co-development

As a leading Canadian generic company, Pharmascience provides drug product developers and manufacturers a full-service distribution / promotion platform that delivers national and international reach, patient support, and market share growth.

Trust Pharmascience as your partner of choice to effectively commercialize, develop and expand your product innovation and portfolio with the agility and adaptability for creative partnership models. Let us know if you want to discuss.

Technology Out-licensing

Pharmascience invests between C$40-50 million annually in R&D and has a strong manufacturing base. We are on the cutting edge of drug product formulation and manufacturing technology and seek collaborations that can support that aspiration.

Talk to us about how your technology can advance our mutual goals.

We seek Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) Suppliers

The development and supply of high quality, value-driven APIs is critical in bringing affordable medicines to patients around the world. Pharmascience’s supply chain team wants to develop relationships with API suppliers that can help us achieve that mission.

International Partnership Opportunities


Pharmascience International is committed to expanding our high-quality product and service offerings worldwide, delivering an exceptional experience. We aim to bring high quality, Canadian medications to partners and patients worldwide, enabling international access to affordable, life-changing therapies.

Our expert team of global professionals delivers a generic & branded portfolio spanning over 300 molecules and critical therapeutic areas. Our capability includes primary care, specialty, sterile injectable products, and high-potency oral dose products. We deliver an extensive, high quality, and reliable supply capability.

Pharmascience International is your worldwide partner. Our global team of expert professionals reaches over 50 countries, providing healthcare partners and patients easy access to the highest quality medications. Global and regional commercial and operational experts are located in APAC, MEA, EU/CEE & LATAM to ensure we deliver a high level of in-market expertise and an exceptional customer experience.

Contact us to find out more about how we can work together!

Royalmount Laboratories

Bioanalytical Services

Royalmount Laboratories boast a purpose-built, partially automated, state-of-the-art GLP certified and FDA inspected laboratory. This laboratory provides robust bioanalytical method development and validation for quantification of drugs and metabolites in biological fluids/tissues using LC/MS/MS technology. All data collected and reports meet the high standards of FDA and OECD GLP along with current EMA and FDA bioanalytical guidelines.

Inquire about our fast turnaround on method development, methods validation, and samples analysis.

Cannabis Testing Services

Based on the recent high client demand for cannabis testing, the Royalmount Laboratories state-of-the-art lab is now fully equipped for all Health Canada required tests. We offer reliable and time-efficient microbial and chemistry testing to licensed producers for both medical grade and recreational cannabis. Royalmount Laboratories is equipped with industry leading HPLC, GC/MS/MS, ICPMS systems and sensitive LC/MS/MS testing methods to provide you with the most reliable data on the full suite of analytical testing required by Health Canada for the cannabis industry.

Impurity/Nitrosamine Testing Services

With quick turnaround times and the most effective LC/MS/MS test methods currently on the market, our FDA-audited, and GMP-compliant laboratory specializes in the detection and quantification of ultra-low levels of nitrosamine impurities in diverse and complex matrices. We offer customized method development and validation for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and Drug Products (DP) to support risk assessments. This allows you to take appropriate actions to reduce and mitigate nitrosamine impurities in your APIs and DPs. Partnering with Royalmount Labs will ensure that you are fully compliant with the most recent FDA guidelines.

Contact us for guidance on the best way to tackle this challenging analytical and regulatory topic.

Through Royalmount Labs, we wish to offer to our business partners the best-in-class expertise, skills and experience that has made Pharmascience a world-class generic manufacturer. We can support you with a broad range of small molecule bioanalytical services, including impurities testing (nitrosamine), as well as specialized cannabis testing.

David Goodman, PhD Executive Chairman of the Board

Clinical Research

Pharmascience believes in supporting Clinical Investigators researching new uses of proven medications and performing novel research that brings new therapies to benefit patients.


Supplier Guidelines: This document provides guidelines to requirements for shipments destined for Pharmascience facilities.