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Pharmascience Canada:
Proudly Canadian Since 1983

Pharmascience Canada, the Canadian Generic Division of Pharmascience inc., has been servicing patients, hospitals, pharmacists, and wholesalers for the past four decades.

With a portfolio spanning over 300 product families and totaling more than 1400 SKUs, we are proud to be amongst the largest in the industry. As the fastest growing company amongst top tier generic manufacturers, we have become a major partner to the Canadian pharmacy community.

Mike Dutton Vice President & General Manager, Pharmascience Canada

Generic Drugs – an Essential Component of Canadian Healthcare

High quality, interchangeable, and affordable generic medicines allow public and private Canadian drug systems to remain viable. Without the steady launch of generic medicines, health systems would rapidly become unsustainable and result in a two-tiered form of pharmaceutical care contrary to the guiding principles of Canadian health care. The contribution of generic drugs to the sustainability of our health care system is of paramount importance.

A few facts:

  • In 2022, generic drugs accounted for 73% of retail prescriptions filled in Canada.
  • However, in dollars, this only represented 20% of Canada’s total annual prescription drug expenditures.
  • For every 1% increase in the use of generic medicines, Canadians would have saved an additional 703,7 million dollars, according to the Canadian Generics Pharmaceutical Association (CGPA),
  • During the same period in the United States, generics were used to fill 91% of all prescriptions.
  • If Canada used generic medicines at equal levels to the US, it would represent over $12,7 billion in savings that could be re-invested in the Canadian healthcare system.


Every time a Canadian pharmacist makes the evidence-based professional decision to substitute with a generic drug, she or he contributes to patient care sustainability in our country. Pharmascience Canada is proud to be part of this effort.

About Us

Fighting for a Reliable Generic Drug Supply Chain

Our Customer Engagement

Pharmascience is committed to maintaining full, uninterrupted supply of our medicines to Canadian patients, hospitals, pharmacies, and wholesalers. We pledge to continue and improve this level of excellence moving forward. Customers who wish to provide feedback or suggestions are invited to do so by contacting us.


Our Industry Leadership

Pharmascience is at the forefront of the industry in engaging Canada’s Federal and Jurisdictional Governments to ensure that our country’s dependency on foreign manufacturing of generic pharmaceuticals is reversed and that ‘Made in Canada’ generic pharmaceuticals once again become the norm at home.

To address this critical national security issue, the Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association (CGPA) released its Blueprint for a Sustainable Supply of Prescription Medicines for Canadians on June 17, 2020.

Pharmascience supports the CGPA recommendations. We have reinforced them in a corporate position paper to illustrate how these recommendations can be actioned to enhance local R&D and production capacity, and Canada’s economy.


Local R&D and Production: our Prescription for Reliable Pharmacy Supply

Enhancing Canadian development and production of high-quality generics and other pharmaceuticals is also a crucial solution to the supply issues Canada has experienced over the last decade. Local production translates into greater proximity to Canadian customers, and greater flexibility to address complex international supply chain issues. Pharmascience Canada is committed to leveraging its industry leadership towards that goal, with a purpose of maintaining our best-in-class Customer Service level.

Interested in a Business Development Opportunity in Canada?

Pharmascience Canada offers a combination of extensive presence in Canada, and the flexibility of contract manufacturing, business-to-business, or distribution partnerships with other enterprises.
Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss business opportunities such as in- or out-licensing, or contract manufacturing in Canada.

Contact Us

Our Pharmacy Sales Team – a Resource You Can Depend Upon.

Pharmascience Canada is proud of our best-in-class Pharmacy Sales Team that covers all regions of our country. Please do not hesitate to contact our local representatives to learn about new launches, resolve supply issues or inquire about our professional services and programs.