Montréal, March 24, 2020 – While Québec-based researchers collaborate on a large-scale Canadian study to help patients who have tested positive for COVID-19, Pharmascience has pulled out all the stops to support this project named COLCORONA. This study, led by the Principal Investigator Dr. Jean-Claude Tardif, also Director at the Montreal Heart Institute Research Centre, and financed by the Government of Québec, aims to test the potential of a reformulation of colchicine for the reduction in risk of pulmonary complications and death linked to COVID-19.  Colchicine, one of the oldest anti-inflammatory drugs, is already commercialized worldwide, for other indications including the treatment of gout and familial Mediterranean fever.

When MHI reached out, Pharmascience immediately committed to provide colchicine and placebo tablets in support of the study. “In these uncertain times, it is paramount that we come together and put everything on the table to fight against COVID-19 which is causing so much harm,” affirmed David Goodman, Chief Executive Officer at Pharmascience, “That is why, when Dr. Tardif reached out to us with a proposal to participate a key trial of the possible beneficial effects of colchicine we committed resources to supply them with the necessary products to start their trial. We see it as our duty to not only ensure the ongoing production of medicines but also to support leading research into medicines people need.”


Special measures in place

The COVID-19 pandemic could cause a global disruption on the supply of pharmaceuticals.  While no major new shortages have occurred, Pharmascience is doing its maximum to make sure we can continue to manufacture and distribute quality products for patients in Canada and around the world. Pharmascience has set out strict mitigation and control measures to avoid the risk of viral proliferation during this time of crisis.  The strong commitment of our employees and the government’s collaboration is enabling Pharmascience to operate today at maximum capacity as we strive to minimize the impact of the pandemic on Canadians’ access to essential medicines.


About Pharmascience Inc.

Founded in 1983, Pharmascience Inc. is the largest pharmaceutical employer in Québec with 1,500 employees proudly headquartered in Montréal. Pharmascience Inc. is a full-service privately owned pharmaceutical company with strong roots in Canada and a growing global reach with product distribution in over 60 countries. Ranked 51st among Canada’s top 100 Research & Development (R&D) investors with over $43 million invested in 2018, Pharmascience Inc. is the 4th largest manufacturer of over-the-counter generic drugs in the country.

Pharmascience Inc. is a leading manufacturer and marketer of prescription generic, over-the-counter, and behind-the-counter products as well as FDA approved Canadian-made injectables. The company commercializes nearly 300 product families in 20 different dosage forms for over 2,000 products. In Canada alone, more than 45 million prescriptions a year are filled with Pharmascience products.

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