Pharmascience incorporates a new company, effective June 1, 2022, under the name Norwell Consumer Healthcare Inc. (“Norwell”)

Pharmascience is pleased to announce the launch of a new stand-alone company focused on leading growth within the over-the-counter (OTC) category with its OTC brands such as Helixia, Lax-A-Day, Hemovel, Cromolyn, Cystoplus and Rhinaris. This new company is called Norwell Consumer Healthcare Inc. and is officially incorporated effective June 1, 2022.

OTC products have been an important part of Pharmascience. By launching a more streamlined and targeted organization focused only on OTC brands, Norwell will have the agility and flexibility to drive the growth of its current OTC brands and to launch new innovation into the Canadian marketplace.

Norwell’s vision is to help Canadians manage their health and wellness needs by offering trusted, clinically proven OTC solutions.

“Launching Norwell Consumer Healthcare provides a focused and experienced OTC team that is energized with the opportunity to grow our brands, bringing innovative solutions to the market and helping Canadians with their health and wellness needs,” said David Bloom, General Manager, Norwell Consumer Healthcare Inc.

“We hold high expectations for this new venture and will spare no effort supporting Norwell in providing top quality brands and services to our consumers, patients, and customers,” said David Goodman, CEO of Pharmascience Inc.



Norwell Consumer Healthcare Inc. is a stand-alone consumer health care company that will have the agility and flexibility to lead growth within the OTC category. Norwell Consumer Healthcare’s vision is to help Canadians manage their health and wellness needs by offering trusted, clinically proven OTC solutions to meet their under-served health and wellness needs. Norwell’s brand portfolio includes brands such as Lax-A-Day, Hemovel, Cystoplus, Chromolyn, Helixia, and Rhinaris. All of Norwell’s brands are trusted by our patients, consumers, Canadian health care professionals and our customers. Norwell’s mission is to bring these solutions with an insight-driven, focused, innovative, agile, and collaborative approach. Norwell is an affiliate of the Pharmascience family of companies, which is one of the largest pharmaceutical manufacturers in Canada and has an international presence spanning 50 countries.

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