Pharmascience Unveils its Employer Brand: Making a Difference, Together!

Pharmascience launches its new employer brand, “Making a Difference, Together”, to reinforce pride in working for the company, and thereby mobilize its employees and new candidates.

The slogan symbolizes unity among all employees within the company. To ensure that the employer brand reflected the Pharmascience employee experience, many employees participated in surveys, interviews, and focus groups.

The slogan perfectly embodies Pharmascience’s commitment to patients’ health, employees’ fulfillment, and the well-being of our community. The power of the teams and the value of everyone are essential to the company. Each and every one of our employees is part of a successful formula.

The purpose of this employer brand

This employer brand reminds employees what makes Pharmascience a distinctive and attractive employer. It presents the elements of the company in an authentic way to engage the best talent and attract the right candidates.

Pharmascience can count on significant assets such as a mission that rallies talents, a commitment to good corporate citizenship, the company’s numerous philanthropic activities, and a stimulating environment that fosters development and encourages diversified projects. The implementation of the employer brand was influenced by the atmosphere in which employees work, employment conditions, professional development within the company, and organizational culture.

“Making a Difference, Together” will be used primarily in recruitment to attract the best candidates. As a result, Pharmascience expects to maximize the commitment of employees who will stay with the company longer and perform better over the long term. This improved performance will help reinforce the company’s positive reputation, resulting in a higher retention rate and increased engagement.

“We are proud that our employees are at the heart of our employer brand. They embody our values, our mission, and our ambitions. They act as ambassadors, sharing their experience, enthusiasm, and pride in belonging to our company. They will also be able to continue to promote our employer brand over time. We would like to thank them sincerely for their effort and commitment to this project, as well as for their ongoing involvement in fuelling and sustaining the employer brand over time,” said Irene Mascolo, Pharmascience’s Vice-President of Human Resources and Communications.


What makes Pharmascience stand out with its employer branding?

  • True team spirit: At Pharmascience, no one is left behind. There’s a real team spirit where everyone feels supported and heard. Opinions count and ideas are valued.
  • Entrepreneurship: For us, no challenge is too complex to take on. The company is driven by innovation and is always in solution mode.
  • Local pride: To work at Pharmascience is to be part of a local gem of international stature. A company with deep Canadian roots and values that rivals the global giants of the industry.
  • A sustainable and responsible pharmacy: Working at Pharmascience also means seeing pharmacy differently. It means being part of an inclusive company that is committed to good corporate citizenship through all its philanthropic activities and contributes to the local economy.

Essentially, this new employer brand represents who Pharmascience is as an employer. It promotes the experience among  our current and future employees and aims to attract applicants who recognize themselves in who we are.

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Founded in 1983, Pharmascience Inc. is the largest pharmaceutical employer in Quebec. With 1,500 employees proudly headquartered in Montreal, Pharmascience Inc. is a full-service, privately-owned pharmaceutical company with strong roots in Canada and a growing global reach, with product distribution in over 50 countries. Ranked 50th among Canada’s top 100 Research and Development (R&D) investors in 2022, with $40-50 million in annual investment, Pharmascience Inc. is among the largest drug manufacturers in Canada.

Pharmascience Inc. has strong values based on the importance of investing in its employees and young people. Through various programs and initiatives, the company ensures it supports their personal development and life. In 2023, Pharmascience Inc. has proudly been recognized for its investments by being selected as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People as part of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. Also as of 2023, Pharmascience is now certified as a Great Place to Work for its second year in a row.

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