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With an impressive product catalog of 1,300 skus, we apply the most rigorous quality standards to every product that leaves our facilities. Whether you are looking for generic drugs or single source products, we have a broad portfolio of products to fill family, client, and consumer needs.

Generic Products

World-Class Generic Drugs, Highest International Standards.

We are dedicated to supplying high-quality generic drugs to distributors, pharmacies, and hospitals worldwide. Our wide range of dosage forms includes tablets and capsules, injectable products, and inhalation drugs. With

1,300 skus in our portfolio, we adhere to the highest regulatory standards in the world (Health Canada, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency (EMA)).

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Single-Source Products

Partnering to Bring Speciality Innovative Drugs to Market

Our Pendopharm division brings single-source, innovative drugs to market. Our expertise spans therapeutic areas such as gastroenterology, orthopedics, neurology and other specialty medicines. With a nimble and collaborative mindset, we partner to bring our specialized products to fill unmet market needs.


Consumer Products

Over-the-Counter Products

Pharmascience offers a wide range of private label over-the-counter products for both adults and children.

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