Pharmacists across the country are feeling the effects of increased drug shortages. According to a recent survey by the Canadian Pharmacists Association (CPhA), two thirds of pharmacists deal with drug shortages daily. It’s an issue that causes a trickle-down effect, taking valuable time out of a pharmacist’s day and resulting in a direct impact on consumers.

Earlier this year, Pharmascience spoke directly with pharmacists across Ontario to understand their needs and learn more about how pharmaceutical companies in this country can support them. We found that product availability is not only expected from suppliers, it is among the top factors that influences a pharmacist’s choice of manufacturer, with 86 per cent of surveyed pharmacists saying they consider their business relationship with a supplier as very important.

We understand that pharmacists have to fulfill the needs of their patients and company, and so their choice of which pharmaceutical manufacturer they work with is impacted by those needs. Recently, the CPhA called on the federal government to develop an action plan to address the issue of drug shortages and develop solutions that provide better support for frontline health care providers. Those solutions, while necessary, will take time to identify and implement.

As the potential outcomes of drug shortages are beginning to be felt across Canada, Pharmascience is committed to providing and developing quality products that can support the needs of Canadians. With a production facility that develops and manufactures more than 200 pharmaceutical products annually, we’re committed to servicing our local communities.

Our goal is to continue to build relationships and provide pharmacists with affordable generic medication options that help to alleviate the impact of the 1,200 drugs that go into shortage each year in Canada. By developing Canadian-made products and leveraging relationships with pharmaceutical representatives and pharmacists, we can help to ensure that drugs are more readily available when they’re needed. This means we’re able to better prepare and support increased demands quickly. While the government works to establish long-term solutions to medication shortages in Canada, we will also work to mitigate shortages before they happen. Pharmascience is committed to supporting our partners and providing the best quality of medication and service to this country with cost effective alternatives that support the local economy.

Jean-Guy Goulet, Chief Operating Officer

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